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The 13th annual ThirdEyePhotography Calendar will soon be ready for order. The format remains the same as ever. The calendars will be available for delivery in July and, as in recent years, a discount will be available for paid in full orders prior to publication.

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Each page of the 5″x7″ calendar is individually printed on semi-gloss cardstock weight paper.

All calendars are sold by special order. Please email me at mr@thirdeyephotog.com or call (703)317-8266 with your questions or orders.

Deals on Textbooks

In a similar fashion-there are actually companies offered where you are able to hire student textbooks from sites for a small charge. Finally, although it’s not a money saving for learners suggestion, it’s positively relevant. There is Abebooks and some other sites but this is by far one of the best.

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